LOVE WAVE LIVE Love Yourself. Love Others. Love Life.

Love Wave Live demonstrates the undeniable possibilities when we choose love.

Love Wave Live is a personal growth experience grounded in the belief that “Love is Still the Answer”.  If you are serious about taking action to reclaim your life and realize your highest self and true potential, the Love Wave movement is looking for you to join the wave!

Love Wave Live is your gateway to the life you planned on living.

This event is packed full of practical strategies and unforgettably inspiring lessons for living a more positive and fulfilling life. We like to call it a “love-driven life.”  But this is more than just an event. It's an immersive experience that will give you proven tools to identify and transform the negative, self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck.

From proven ways to foster healthier relationships… to actions engineered to help you let go of painful experiences and emotions… to examining how our unconscious programs shape our experiences, the talks and activities at this event will inspire and equip you to become your most effective self.

This event is comprised of inspired stories, life strategies, and actionable talks from some of the brightest minds in personal growth.  The speakers and facilitators of Love Wave Live are engaging, passionate and committed leaders who care.

You won't attend Love Wave Live with a notebook full of ideas and nothing checked off your to-do list. You'll set into motion a realistic plan you can keep improving on for years to come.

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Joe Atalig
Founder, Love Wave Live

Joe Atalig speaking at Love Wave Live 2019
Love Wave Live founder Joe Atalig speaking at Love Wave Live 2019

LOVE WAVE LIVE 2019 Speakers

Love Wave Live May 2019 Speakers
Joe Atalig

Joe Atalig Founder, Love Wave Live

Joe's passionate opening was The Lens Of Love and how it can shape your life.

Kyle Cease

KYLE CEASE Transformational Comedian

Kyle shared on Love Rising around the planet and how to match the vibration of love.

Sandra Fazio

Sandra Fazio Conscious Parent & Life Coach

Sandra dropped her conventional talk to open up about Loving Your Inner Child.

Maya Camerota

MAYA COMEROTA Transformational Teacher

Maya took participants through an amazing journey with Love Speaks.

Jason Hartanov

Jason Hartanov Speaker/Coach

Jason, a recovering Achiever, shared his vulnerable journey to Love Your Failures.

Kit Volcano

Kit Volcano Master Coach/CEO

Kit's provocative talk was raw and real, teaching us all to Love Your Journey.

Nicole Keating

Nicole Keating Sourcitarian

Love Your Source was the beautiful message from Nicole Keating.

Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell Modern Spiritual Man

Love Your Truth was Simon's spiritual awakening story and how it banished shame/guilt.

Kirk Nurmi

Kirk Nurmi Motivational Speaker

Kirk's personal, poignant story highlighted the power of Loving Your Greatnes.

Lindsay Sherry

Lindsay Sherrt Clinical Nutritionist

Lindsay's insightful talk taught us to Love Your Inner Health Rebel.

John Vasquez

John Vasquez Top Mind & Fitness Coach

John stirred the crowd with a passionate talk on the power to Love Your Mind.

Letty Villafana

LETTY VILLAFANA Competitive Bodybuilder

Letty's personal story highlighted how she learned to Love Your Body.

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Rebecca Jade

Rebecca Jade Singer / Songwriter

Rebecca talked about Loving Your Expression and demonstrated it in song.

Candice Stenger


Candice spoke about how to Love your Story so you can  create your best life.

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THIS COULD BE YOU Future Speaker

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Love Wave Live event!