An Unconditional Life

A Love Wave Live Special Event!

A 2-Day Immersive Personal Growth Experience

San Diego, California
May 8-9, 2020

and create a limitless life!

Love Wave Live exists to Teach, Impart, and Demonstrate the undeniable possibilities when we look at life through the Lens of Love.



Throughout An Unconditional Life, you'll be inspired by the collection of world-class communicators, artists, and entrepreneurs gathered in one place. You'll see their skills on display, hear their stories and leave with a new vision of what's possible for you.



Through the Main Stage presentations, Micro Sessions, and Hands-On Activities, you’ll be equipped with practical insights and applicable skills for growing your own life vision, passions and projects.  You will learn a ton. We promise.



An Unconditional Life is intentionally intimate: just 150 spots available. From the start you'll connect with a community of like-minded people—passionate about leading, creating, and communicating in a way that demands attention and inspires others to action.

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There was a sense of possibility that you couldn't ignore. An energy and sense of community, the moment you step foot into the event. I could not have expected going in what I cannot imagine being without now—a community choosing love when it is so much easier to choose something else.”

Ramneek Mathur

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Love Wave Live was the melting pot of dynamic speakers sharing their pivotal stories through the perspective of love. The event experience prompted deeper personal inquiry, revealing pivotal self-awareness.”

- Suzanne Jacob

LOVE WAVE LIVE 2020 Speakers & Facilitators

Joe Atalig

Joe Atalig Speaker, Author, Founder of Love Wave Live

Phoenix, AZ

Kit & Rosie Volcano

Kit & Rosie Volcano Coaching Power Couple & Transformational Speakers

San Diego, CA

Jake Kauffman

Jake Kauffman Author, Transformational Coach, Entrepreneur

Los Angeles, CA

Kerstin Caldwell

Kerstin Caldwell Ambassador of Authenticity, Professor of Patience, Improvisational Actor & Instructor

Denver, CO

Amy Dawn

Amy Dawn Speaker, Author, Artist, Transformational Coach

Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Marla Mason

Marla Mason Author, Poet, Writer, Speaker

San Diego, CA

Ania Volovique

Ania Volovique Speaker, Facilitator, Photographer

San Diego, CA

Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell Conscious Business Coach

Del Mar, CA

Ramneek Mathur

Ramneek Mathur Business and Life Strategist, Author

Scottsdale, AZ

Jamie Skagen

Jamie Skagen Transformational Event Leader, Life Coach, Authenticity Expert

Kalaheo, Hawaii

Michael Namkung

Michael Namkung Poet, Artist, Speaker, Father

Portland, Oregon

Who else will be joining the Wave of Speakers?

Who else will be joining the Wave of Speakers?

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